Healing. Energy. Exploration. Growth.

In Alchemy, Quintessence is know as the Fifth Element, or Aether – the magical substance which can transform lead into gold. This sacred element is the universal life force or “divine spark” that connects and flows through the universe.
Align your body, mind, and spirit with the rituals of Quintessence.

Improve physical strength and flexibility while training your mind and nourishing your soul.


Our guided journeys will help you tap into your greatest inner abundance while reducing stress and anxiety.

Sound Healing

Vibrational balancing and deep hypnotic healing through the frequency of sound.


Increase energy, mental clarity, and clear blockages in your body through the power of breath.

At Quintessence Yoga, we guide you to explore and discover the divine spark within you to become the Living Alchemist of your life.
Healing Arts

Private sessions and coaching with our top tier healers and practitioners.


Better together. Motivation and encouragement from your like-hearted tribe.

Workshops & Events

Immerse yourself with incredible educational experiences you won't find anywhere else.

Trainings & Certifications

Ready to share your gifts with the world? Let us prepare you for mastery and service with our Yoga, Reiki and other certifications.


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