Quintessence Yoga Studio is a haven for spiritual and physical transformation. As Las Vegas’s premier boutique yoga studio, we are proud to have cultivated a space, place, and community centered on magic, possibility, and the endless adventure of self-discovery. We took great care to create a sacred space for you to find your authentic yoga practice.

Our curated program and an intimate community help you connect with yourself and your world on a deeper, more meaningful level. We have taken great care to work with teachers who are experts in their field and fully committed to guiding you through your practice, helping you ignite your spirit and awaken your inner light.

Quintessence Yoga was founded by Aaron Price in 2022. As an avid traveler and seeker of knowledge, he has longed for a place in the community to harness energy, nourish the soul and connect with others in a more profound, more meaningful way. Aaron has committed to bringing the transformational power of Quintessence Yoga to all who seek it.

Aaron Price


Jennifer Miyakubo

Managing Director

Susana Weber

Director of Yoga & Healing Arts